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Life is full of surprises…

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You!” -Dr. Suess

Art has always been a hidden love of mine. I loved drawing, painting, sculpting, stippling… And then when I discovered makeup, it was like my mind exploded with ideas; painting on my face?! Heck yeah! But that was also the era that Michelle Phan started becoming popular and the “beauty blog” boom hit the internet. I used to envy those girls posting their ideas on YouTube, getting millions of views on 1 video. I wanted to join in too, but there were just so many girls who I thought were much better at it than me, so I gave up on that dream pretty easily and spent the next decade hiding the fact that I love to do makeup and artsy-craftsy things.

PicMonkey Collage

I remember having this innate fear that people would judge me for doing different things with my makeup or doing art projects and crafts in my free time. It also didn’t help that I grew up being told by everyone that the art world does not provide a viable income source. And that’s the true goal in life: go to school, study hard, get a degree, get a steady career… But I did all of that, and had a steady career, and I listened to everyone giving me advice on how to live a happy life…. So why was I so miserable and so unhappy at 25? Something needed to change. That’s when I finally realized that all these years, I’d forced myself to fit into a shape that wasn’t mine… It’s about time I try out a different shape, right?




The Artsy Fartsy Cat Lady


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